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Android Technical Details

Mir Usage of Android Drivers

Mir relies on the libhybris library to use the Android drivers. This allows the drivers to use the bionic libc while Mir itself uses the standard GNU libc.

Mir Display Modes

When you're using Mir to drive the display of the Android device, Mir has a default way to display, as well as a backup mode that it can try if the default mode isn't working.

Mir Device Support

In theory, all devices with that use the normal Android drivers abstractions should run Mir. Currently, we support HWC (hardware composer) version 1.1 (JB/ICS devices). The other HWC versions should use the backup mode to draw to the screen. Development focus is currently on the Nexus line of devices, so these should be more thoroughly tested. If you have another sort of device, give Mir a try! If it doesn't work, please file a bug, being very specific about the chipset, GPU, and driver versions that your phone has.

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