• Unity

    A powerful desktop and netbook environment things brings consistency and elegance to the Ubuntu experience.

  • Application Indicators

    Simple, effective, and powerful indicators that application authors can use to integrate quick access to application features right inside the desktop.

  • System Indicators

    A comprehensive set of indicators provide convenient and powerful access to system facilities such as power, sound, messaging, and the current session.

  • uTouch

    uTouch is a set of components that are comprised of infrastructure, libraries, and tools developed by Canonical in support of multi-touch hardware.

  • Notify OSD

    Unobtrusive, sleek, and beautiful notifications for application authors to get information to the user without distracting users from the work they are doing.

  • Web API

    A toolkit for Web applications and pages to integrate with the Unity desktop. Notifications from web pages, launcher count, messaging menu, music control and more. Deprecated after Ubuntu 13.10


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